If you’re here, you probably have a kid or more and are a Mama Bear…and you get that the best intentions get side tracked!  So here’s a post of a bunch of things that have been going on that may or may not have contributed to not posting…though I’ve wanted to!!

First, the culprits to many…

All three of us!

…sleep.  I can’t get it.  So it’s hard to add things to my day and get less!  But why is sleep so tough to get?
…these kids!  They’re adorable and funny, but one likes to get up super early (like his mama) and the other likes to resist bedtime like any awesome 5 year old can.
…also, one has started waking up during the night again.  Insert yawn haha
…something’s up with my throat.  I’ve been making the rounds of doctors appointments to figure out why I feel like I’ve eaten enough food to not be able to swallow another bite.  But still hungry.  So that’s a lot of time I could be using for other things!
…I’ve been doing this amazing program that focuses not just on nutrition (timed nutrition…OMG why would I eat any other way!! This has been life(style) changing), workouts, but also SELF-CARE!  Including sleep, of course!
…the little guy has two settings…cling and destroy.  So it’s tougher than I expect to get things done with him around.  Which means almost any task needs to be done while they sleep.  Then see the second point.

But I am feeling super good other than the throat thing.  The program I’m doing has transformed me, just as it said it would…but the outside is nothing.  It has made me believe in myself again.  I have stuck to the nutrition plan for the past 6 weeks.  No excuses.  I just DECIDED to do it!  Ca-razy.  I haven’t missed a workout.  I have focused as much as possible on getting that extra sleep (I average under 6 hours a night…no good!).  And all of the workouts are different…no boredom, no listening to the same jokes each week.  Love it.  The timed nutrition keeps me feeling fueled all day.

Here’s one of the transformation pics that motivates me…

Can you believe that? And to feel so good…it’s worth the work!  I have my next group starting up 3/5…a week from tomorrow.  The group I have now is doing so well…all of them are so positive, loving these workouts, and seeing the results.  And the bundle is $10 off through Wednesday!  So if you want in on that…or just feel it’s time for you to make a change, contact me below.  I’m here to help!

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