I don’t care what pictures or measurements say…I could have written this all without that!⁣

My results after this 6 weeks are:⁣
– wearing jeans and feeling they’re comfortable ALL DAY!⁣
– having confidence in the step and moving on and around it…I never expected to make my step higher, but I did…at points to its highest 😮⁣
– wearing clothes I literally haven’t felt comfortable in since my first child⁣
– getting myself to a lifestyle level of eating where yes, I indulge a little, but get back on track right away.⁣
– each week, thinking I could not push any further than the week before, and seeing that I actually COULD!⁣

Yeah, and down 3lbs and 6.5”⁣

And with 20 min workouts and definitely eating not as well as I could have!⁣

You can do all these things too! I know it 💕 join us for the next one!

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