These were given a big thumbs up by both my picky kids…it has a key ingredient that makes feeding them so much easier.  A delicious shake, just for kids, that shakes up easily.  So when my girl had a fun run at school after lunch (35 laps!), I wanted to use it to give her a great source of energy that I could feel good about!

What’s that shake?  It’s called Daily Sunshine and my kids LOVE it.  My son asks for it every morning.  If they don’t like what’s for dinner, there ya go (only one can make it themselves so far, but soon both can!).  When we went away for the weekend and didn’t bring it, there was a major meltdown!  Not making that mistake again!

I love having something they love that I love them having.  I’m nowhere near a perfect mom.  I don’t always cook.  I don’t only feed my kids the healthy stuff.  They don’t eat organic.  But this is something I can do, and it makes my life easier.  Win win.

So let’s get to the recipe already!!

Kid Approved Energy Bites
1 cup old fashioned oats
1/4 cup honey
1/4 cup natural peanut butter (I use 100% Peanuts!)
1 scoop Daily Sunshine

Mix all together and form into balls.  Best to refrigerate for at least 15 min, but delicious out of the bowl too!!

What are some of your super kid recipes??

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