The holidays are upon us!

So. Much. Food.


When you are doing your best to live a healthy lifestyle and be a healthy role model, it is hard to find simple things to bring or gift people. These are still fun, and show you care not just about feeding your loved ones, but taking care of them too!  You can also set yourself apart from the muffins, cookies, chocolates, etc when giving a thank you gift or to bring into work.  My husband is a nurse and always remembers those who bring in something healthy!

1 – The easy one! Edible Arrangements

Make life a little sweeter with these pretty fruit bouquets!

2 – Give tea!  Republic of Tea

A little relaxation in a cup…this set even has the cup!

3 – Harry & David…more than just pears!

This one has pears, apples, dried fruit and nuts…and you can add wine!  Lots of other options here too!  Check out their fruit of the month club for a gift with more commitment.

4 – Have you tried Garlic Gold?

Their garlic nuggets and infused oils are such a great addition to the kitchen!  Using these add a little something special to your dishes.

Have you received a great, healthy food gift?  Leave it in the comments!!


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