So, it’s been over a week since Halloween.  Let me guess…you still have a bunch of candy!

Time to get it out of the house Mama Bears!!

Something we’ve done in the past is to let our daughter trade her candy for a toy she’s wanted.  Then she feels like she won the Halloween lottery! But then what?  We don’t want to eat it either!  But we can donate it, getting it out of our home and into hands that want it.

Here are a few options for candy donations this year…

– Treats for Troops  – Through Soldiers’ Angels, you can support a good cause, allow your kids to earn buyback prizes, and receive a tax deductible receipt for your donation.  Send your candy to soldiers!  I found 3 locations fairly close to me, but they recommend calling first.

– Halloween Candy Buy Back – Also supporting troops, businesses such as dentists offices get extra candy out of the hands of your little ones in exchange for healthy items such as toothbrushes, hygiene kits and coupons.  You can find a location or mail it in!

– Ronald McDonald House Charities – Call your local chapter to find out rules on bringing your unopened Halloween candy for severely sick children and their families to enjoy.

Did none of these work for you?  Call nursing homes, food pantries, shelters, etc near you and see if they are accepting the treats.

The first defense against eating a bunch of candy is to not have it at home!  It’s amazing what a trip to the store can prevent you from eating!

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