I’m Allison!

I am a working mom of two crazy kids on a mission to help other moms see that they are beautiful, healthy and awesome and to be a good example for our children so that they might see these things in themselves!

When I found out that I was having a girl, I was so worried that she would grow up to face similar issues that I had. I knew that I needed to build my confidence, create healthy habits as an example for her and show her not just that she was worthy of awesomeness, but that I thought I was too.

I offer my one on one support, plus a community of other moms like you to find the balance in our lives and the love for ourselves in our hearts, from the comfort of our own homes. Backed by my own experience trying to break the cycle for my daughter, tons of research, and support from other moms along the journey to a happier, healthier mindset and body for me (and my family!)

Moms to know that they are amazing and beautiful and our children need to know we believe it!

It takes strength to balance our lives and make better lives for our children. Let’s flex those muscles!

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