So, a friend shared a blog post with me all about things to do on a Sunday to prepare for the week.  After reading it, I thought “wow.  That sounds amazing, and close to what I did before kids.  But now?  Not happening!”

Sunday Prep for Busy Mamas

Turns out the blogger doesn’t have kids.  And the post was great!  Just not realistic when you are not in control of your days.  So I decided to write out the things I try to do each Sunday to make sure the week goes more smoothly.

  1. Check out your calendar! I spend a few minutes each morning planning out my day, but on Sunday I like to write in the unmovable appointments, kid activities, planned calls and trainings, group work times and daily things (like that time planning the day!) in my planner.  It gives me an idea of what’s to come and makes it take less time each morning…plus if there are any surprises during the week it gives me a heads up.  Hello dress like a pirate day amiright?
  2. Check the school lunch schedule/your fridge and pantry! My daughter likes to buy some days, bring others, depending on the offerings.  So I check what days she’ll be buying and bringing, and that I have what I need for those days. Plus snacks.  Then I’m not scrambling to put together a lunch Monday morning when we’re out of bread 😉
  3. Take time to get ready for bed! Many days, this is cut short with wanting to crawl into bed in my clothes! But Sundays, I try to make the time for it.  Maybe a face masque while putting laundry away. I don’t do well sitting with it.  But a great tip is to do these things earlier than when you’re actually going to bed…maybe move that masque to the kids bathtime.
  4. Start with order! OK. This one is tough.  But as much as possible, get things together.  Pick up the house. Go through your email. Put the laundry away (can you tell I need to do this?). Do what you can to get things organized and ready to go.  I find that this is easiest when I have organization in place for more things…dance bag always ready.  Taekwon do stuff all together in the hall closet. Little things to make things easier on you through the week.

Now. I gotta go. My daughter asked me to surprise her with something and I’d love to make it happen

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